4 Signs of a Great Staffing Firm in South Dallas

If you’re having trouble finding the candidates you need to keep your teams engaged and productive, you may consider working with a staffing firm. But which staffing firm should you choose?

Here are four signs that you’ve found the perfect staffing firm for your needs:

1. They’re focused on the South Dallas area.
Many staffing firms operate in the South Dallas area, but not all of them focus their attention here. Some of these companies have a national reach, including South Dallas among dozens or even hundreds of other metropolitan areas they serve.

When your recruiter focuses on your location, they develop a deeper knowledge of the talent available to face the challenges you currently face. You’re more likely to find candidates who want to make South Dallas – and your company – their home.

2. They know your industry.
Recruiters who attempt to serve every industry often end up stretching themselves too thin. The result may be candidate recommendations that don’t really fit your organization’s specific needs.

A staffing firm that knows your industry, however, offers a better chance of providing the support you need. Recruiters who specialize in industry-specific areas other than staffing, such as occupational safety, can provide an added boost by serving as a valuable resource.

3. They listen.
Any recruiting company can take your information, post it online, and forward you the names of candidates. But is this process really providing candidates who will stay with your team in the long term?

Look for a recruiter that invites you to share information and who really listens to what you have to say. The best recruiters always want to know more about their clients: your company’s mission and goals, the details of your internal culture, and how your recent hires are doing on the job.

4. Their metrics look promising.
Don’t be afraid to ask recruiters to quantify their approach. Years of experience, number of candidates placed, most common candidate sources, and similar measurements can help you create a “side by side” comparison of recruiters. This comparison can serve as a useful tie-breaker if you’re having trouble choosing between two outstanding local staffing firms.

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