Are Your Job Candidates Properly Screened?

Working with an employment specialist can help you answer these questions productively. Your staffing firm can take on several screening tasks, including:

Skills Testing
Your top candidates list the requisite skills for the job on their resumes, but how do they perform under pressure? Your staffing firm can provide concrete results by conducting relevant skills tests. These tests can be particularly valuable when you need temporary workers for a rush season or project in which training time is limited.

When you choose a recruiter who specializes in the type of talent you need, you also gain the perspective of a professional who understands how a candidate’s performance measures up when compared to others in the field.

Behavioral Testing
One of the best ways to determine how a candidate will perform on the job is to examine how they have responded to similar challenges in the past. Behavioral screenings can provide insight into a candidate’s likely responses by exploring how they respond to certain questions, as well as by examining what they have done in the face of challenges or conflict in past workplace situations.

Behavioral screenings can help companies predict how candidates will fit in with their existing teams, as well. By seeing how a candidate responds to certain situations, hiring managers can evaluate whether those responses will build their existing team’s culture or create conflict within it.

Background Checks
Background checks are important and even required in some positions and industries. Yet navigating the complex web of local, state, and federal requirements and limitations can be difficult.

Employment specialists have experience conducting background checks in ways that comply with the law and connect with relevant information about a candidate’s history. Your employment specialist is also a source of information and insight on how to create strong background check policies, how to use the results of a background check, and similar guidance.

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