Best Methods to Relieve Boredom at Work

While every job is necessary, that doesn’t mean every job is thrilling. Sometimes, necessary work can be repetitive or even boring.

If your job is starting to feel monotonous, here’s what you can do to break up the boredom and find interest in the tasks ahead of you.

1. Learn how the task fits into the rest of the company’s work.
Whether your job is to sweep an entire factory floor, open boxes or a similar task, finding out how your work affects everyone else’s can give you a new perspective on the job at hand. When you understand exactly why this repetitive task matters, you can find new meaning in doing it – which can help you see it as less boring.

2. Add that layer of challenge you may have skipped.
Is there a part of the task you know you could do in order to make it perfect, but you haven’t done?

Boredom is often a sign we’ve learned all we can from a particular task or activity. When you’re bored, you have more mental space for harder work. If you’re doing the task well but you could be doing it better, consider using some of that extra mental space to challenge yourself to reach “perfect” every single time.

3. Ask for more challenging work.
You may not be able to avoid doing the now-boring task during every shift. By seeking more challenging projects outside that task, however, you give yourself more interesting work to look forward to – as well as something else to think about while you’re working on the monotonous items.

4. Improve on a different skill or interest.
If possible, engage yourself on routine tasks by adding an interest of your own. For example, listening to music or a podcast while you do a simple or repetitive task can help ensure that your mind stays engaged. It may even lead to a “flow state” in which both your mind and body perform better at the task, making the hours fly by.

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