Top Safety Areas Your Team Should Be Focusing On

While leadership focuses on “big picture” issues related to safety, your front line managers can contribute to overall safety and health by focusing on the specific issues their team needs to understand and manage. Here are a few key safety areas that rank high on many managers’ lists. 1. Back Safety Back pain affects up … Read more

Toolbox Talk: Accidents Happen. Here’s How to Minimize Safety Hazards

Safety is a top concern in a number of industries, including manufacturing. Keeping your staff safe involves more than complying with the letter of safety regulations. The safest companies also have a culture that supports and promotes safe practices. Here’s how to build a safety culture that encourages good habits and helps team members keep … Read more

How to Cut Costs While You’re Cutting Waste

Managers in manufacturing and similar industries are responsible for turning in quality results that fit within a strict budget. As a result, these leaders often look for ways to reduce costs. Fortunately, cutting costs no longer has to come at the expense of the environment. There are many ways to reduce costs while also reducing … Read more

Do Your Safety Habits Change at Night?

For some companies, shutting down for the night is never an option. Instead, shifts work around the clock in order to ensure that work gets done well and on time. While your company may never sleep, the human brain isn’t as consistent. Even when your overnight shift workers get adequate sleep, the brain often interprets … Read more

Can You Offer More? Here Are the Latest Trends in Benefits and Salary

With low unemployment nationwide, finding the right people for the positions your company needs to fill can be challenging. Benefits in the manufacturing industry and skilled trades are already stronger than those in many other industries. For companies seeking to pull in the best talent, however, understanding current trends and adapting to them can set … Read more

Are You Prepared to Hire Generation Z?

Generation Z is entering the workforce. Born between 1996 and 2016, these “digital natives” are the first generation to have grown up in a hyper-connected world. Their early perceptions were shaped by the 2009 recession and the recovery that followed, as well as by their easy access to information. Here’s what you need to know … Read more

Can a Machine Operator Have a Flexible Work Schedule?

The demand and need for flexible work schedules is increasing rapidly. Families increasingly feel that work takes them away from essential home tasks, like taking care of children, spouses and elderly parents. In addition, a lack of free time to deal with sudden emergencies or simply to relax is leading to increased burnout in every … Read more