The Digital Age: Changing Workplace Safety Everyday

The digital age has changed the way we socialize, communicate and do business. So it’s unsurprising that digital tools are changing the way we address workplace safety, as well. Here are just a few ways workplace safety has shifted due to advancements made in digital technologies. 1. Improved Screening From more sensitive metal detectors to … Read more

The Top Safety Courses Every Manager Should Be Taking

Safety is a major concern in US workplaces. To address this need, a number of professional organizations offer safety training and certifications that managers can complete in order to help their teams avoid injuries and accidents. Managers that keep their safety knowledge up to date play a vital role in the overall productivity and satisfaction … Read more

The Ultimate Checklist for Forklift Safety

Forklifts account for about 85 deaths and nearly 100,000 injuries in US workplaces every year. Forklifts that overturn contribute significantly to this total: Overturning accidents account for 24 percent of all forklift accidents each year. OSHA regulations require not only that forklift operators have safety training, but that they meet several safety requirements every time … Read more

Toolbox Talk: How to Conduct a Safety Audit

Keeping the workplace safe is a high priority for every employer. If your policies or work spaces aren’t up to appropriate standards, however, the risk of harm increases. Here’s what every employer needs to know about how to conduct a safety audit. Why Audit? No one on your team has reported an injury in months … Read more

How to Tell if Your Coworker is Unsafe at Work

When surveying your workplace for safety issues, addressing problems like exposed wiring or clutter on the floor is easier than scrutinizing your co-workers. Some safety concerns are subtle and hard to spot, and calling out a co-worker for unsafe habits can feel awkward. Workplace safety depends on every person acting responsibly to prevent injuries. Here’s … Read more

Top Safety Areas Your Team Should Be Focusing On

While leadership focuses on “big picture” issues related to safety, your front line managers can contribute to overall safety and health by focusing on the specific issues their team needs to understand and manage. Here are a few key safety areas that rank high on many managers’ lists. 1. Back Safety Back pain affects up … Read more

Toolbox Talk: Accidents Happen. Here’s How to Minimize Safety Hazards

Safety is a top concern in a number of industries, including manufacturing. Keeping your staff safe involves more than complying with the letter of safety regulations. The safest companies also have a culture that supports and promotes safe practices. Here’s how to build a safety culture that encourages good habits and helps team members keep … Read more

Do Your Safety Habits Change at Night?

For some companies, shutting down for the night is never an option. Instead, shifts work around the clock in order to ensure that work gets done well and on time. While your company may never sleep, the human brain isn’t as consistent. Even when your overnight shift workers get adequate sleep, the brain often interprets … Read more

Toolbox Talk: Hazards of Forklift Operations

Training your staff is just one step in ensuring that forklift safety protocols prevent accidents on the job. Managers also have a role to play in ensuring that forklifts are safe for operation and that mishaps don’t result in serious harm or work stoppages. Here’s how managers can continue to minimize the hazards of forklift … Read more