Five Useful Ideas to Get Noticed at Work

Putting in your best work on the job is a must – but your best work won’t help you get promoted if nobody realizes you’re doing it.

Here are five ways to ensure that your contributions to the team are noticed and appreciated:

1. Offer to Take on New Projects
When you volunteer to help, others notice the relief that comes with not having to ask or require someone to assist them. They remember you as someone who is proactive and team-oriented, as well as someone they can trust to step up when work gets tough.

2. Speak Up During Meetings
Find at least one opportunity in every meeting to ask a question, summarize a topic, or provide insight into how the problem looks from your perspective. Aim for quality contributions over quantity, and you’ll develop a reputation as the team member who always has something helpful to say.

3. Embrace Constructive Feedback
Be willing to ask for feedback on your work, and approach feedback with the attitude that you’re there to learn something from the exchange. When you can accept constructive criticism and feedback gracefully, you gain the knowledge you need to improve your own work. You also stand out to others as someone who genuinely wants to learn and improve on the job.

4. Write Better Emails
Treat emails like print letters. Start with a greeting that names the person you’re emailing, followed by a quick explanation of what you need and a closing. Even a quick “Thanks” followed by your name at the end of an email demonstrates that you care about your work and about the person whose help or input you need.

5. Help Someone Else Succeed
Helping others succeed communicates that you have self confidence. It also demonstrates a commitment to teamwork and collaboration. When you help others succeed, you open the door for future job opportunities, and you position yourself as someone who cares more about the results than who gets credit for them.

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