How to Cut Costs While You’re Cutting Waste

Managers in manufacturing and similar industries are responsible for turning in quality results that fit within a strict budget. As a result, these leaders often look for ways to reduce costs.

Fortunately, cutting costs no longer has to come at the expense of the environment. There are many ways to reduce costs while also reducing waste. Here are some environmentally friendly ways to reduce costs in your business.

1. Go Paperless
Paper often represents an unnecessary duplication of information that was originally created in digital files and which is easier to read, transport and manipulate in its digital format. A paperless office saves money by reducing the costs of ink and paper, as well as the expenses involved in storing significant quantities of paper records. It also makes collaboration more efficient, since team members can all refer to the same version of a document and update it as needed without making additional copies. Finally, it reduces paper waste, which has a profound effect on environmental quality.

2. Think Reusable
Many items in the manufacturing sphere are reusable or have reusable versions that companies can embrace in order to cut back on waste. For instance, while large wooden wire spools are difficult to reuse, collapsible plastic versions are lighter, easier to handle, and offer the opportunity for multiple reuses. These items can help cut back on waste and improve your staff’s ability to do their job efficiently.

3. Plan for Efficiency
Electricity and fuel costs often increase when a workspace is not laid out efficiently or the layout does not take actual uses into consideration. Smart sensors in HVAC and lighting systems, as well as a thoughtfully designed workflow pattern, can help reduce the amount of electricity and fuel used by the building and vehicles that visit or travel within it. By reducing energy consumption, the company both cuts its own energy bill and has a lighter impact on the surrounding natural environment.

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