Interviewing For A Job In The Dallas Area? Here’s How To Prepare

If you’re feeling excited, nervous or a combination of both, preparing for your interview is an ideal way to channel your energy and develop a sense of control. Here are several key steps to take during your interview preparations.

Research the company.
Is this company the right place to build your career? What are their mission, goals and values? How are their teams structured? What does their growth look like? Which of the company’s accomplishments have made headlines recently?

To demonstrate that you’re the right fit for the company, you’ll need to know about the company’s background, goals and approach. Researching the company can help you develop a better sense of its methods and internal culture, so you can talk about how you can contribute most effectively.

Focus on your accomplishments.
Every interview question boils down to one primary concern that is top in the interviewer’s mind: “What will hiring this person do for our team?”

With this in mind, prepare answers to common interview questions that help the interviewer understand how hiring you will benefit their team and company. One way to do this is by focusing on your top accomplishments in prior jobs. These achievements show how you’ve benefited employers in the past, which indicates how you can benefit this employer in the future.

While preparing answers, don’t forget to prepare some questions as well. The interview is your chance to determine whether you can thrive with this employer, or whether you’ll merely be surviving.

Organize your tools.
Print several copies of your resume, cover letter, and any other materials you submitted with your application. If an interviewer needs them, or if you want to pull one out to emphasize a point you want to make, you’ll be ready.

Also, plan what you’ll wear for the interview. Pull your outfit pieces out of your closet and make sure they are clean, pressed and free of obvious damage like missing buttons or frayed cuffs. You may even want to give the outfit a test run to make sure it fits well and you feel comfortable and confident wearing it.

Finally, look up the directions to your interview site. Plan extra time for traffic or other mishaps. It’s better to be early to an interview than late!

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