Looking to Work in Logistics? Start Planning Your New Career Path Here

Logistics is a large and vital part of modern business. Yet because it often works behind the scenes, many people don’t know how to launch a career in the field or find the logistics niche that’s right for them.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re interested in working in logistics.

Education for Logistics Jobs
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 76 percent of logistics employers prefer their employees to have a bachelor’s degree. While an associate degree is sufficient for some positions, as logistics

becomes a more complex field, the demand for increased education rises as well. Degrees in supply chain and logistics management focus specifically on the field of logistics. However, education in related topics like business management, marketing or communications can also be valuable in this field.

In addition, certain professional certifications may be required in order to advance in a logistics career. Since these certifications can be specific to certain positions, it’s wise to examine exactly what you need before you seek additional certification.

Necessary Experience for Logistics
An understanding of supply chain management is crucial for anyone who works in logistics. Entry-level positions include work as an assistant buyer, assistant purchasing agent or inventory clerk. Here, you can see supply chain management from the inside and start to gain an understanding of its particulars.

Mid-level positions in logistics may include work like materials or traffic managers, procurement specialists and purchasing analysts.

Top Soft Skills for Logistics Professionals
Logistics is often a high-pressure field. Those who work in supply chain management are tasked with ensuring the right materials arrive at the right place at the right time – every time.

Strong interpersonal skills are a must, since a core task of logistics is to develop good relationships with suppliers and transporters. Strong planning, organization and time-management skills also help separate outstanding logistics professionals from those who would do better in another field.

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