The Top Safety Courses Every Manager Should Be Taking

Safety is a major concern in US workplaces. To address this need, a number of professional organizations offer safety training and certifications that managers can complete in order to help their teams avoid injuries and accidents.

Managers that keep their safety knowledge up to date play a vital role in the overall productivity and satisfaction of their teams. Here are several common courses that every manager should experience.

1. OSHA Compliance
Does your workplace comply with OSHA standards? If it doesn’t, you may face fines or other penalties, particularly if an accident or serious injury occurs.

Compliance training helps managers understand which standards to follow. It also helps managers explain to their teams why these rules work to protect their health and to prevent accidents.

2. Best Practices Training
OSHA compliance represents a minimum demand for good safety practices in the workplace. Companies that seek excellence, however, constantly strive to go above and beyond these standards in their own work spaces.

Managers who attend regular training sessions on safety best practices improve their own understanding of how to respond in a wide range of safety-related situations. They learn how to spot potential problems, how to lead a team in a way that avoids issues, and how to mitigate the harm done if an accident occurs.

3. Safety Instructor Training
There’s an old saying: “You teach what you need to learn.” When managers train to become safety instructors, they must thoroughly master safety topics in order to explain them effectively to the team members they hope to train. As a result, managers who receive safety instructor training know their topic inside and out.

A company whose managers are trained safety instructors can also leverage this feature to save money on safety training and to build a stronger culture of safety within their own organization. When managers are also safety trainers, the company communicates its commitment to ensuring that everyone in the building knows how to maintain high standards of safety.

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